Volunteering at Market of Hope

Thank you for volunteering!

This form is for those wishing to volunteer at a Market of Hope event. We are so thankful for your willingness to donate your time to this worthwhile cause. Market of Hope would not be able to function without the generosity of its volunteers. There are several ways to volunteer for Market of Hope:

1. Booth volunteers

Booth volunteers are assigned to a specific Market of Hope booth. Each booth represents a ministry partner, either overseas or here in the United States. You will be educated on your particular ministry, as well as the products produced by that ministry. At the market, you will tasked with a) setting up your individual booth (we will show you how!) and then b) represent the ministry to shoppers, pointing out favorite products and telling the stories behind them, and c) packing up your remaining items at the end of the day! Booth volunteers are broken up into morning and evening shifts, but many of our volunteers have so much fun, they volunteer to stay all day.

2. Equipment Set-up & Tear-down volunteers

These volunteers are asked to arrive at the event space at 7:30 to help unload the Market of Hope trailer (where applicable) and set up tables, displays, signage, sound equipment, etc. for the event, and then to help tear-down, pack-up, and clean-up after the event is over. These volunteers are normally finished by 4pm.

3. Serving Coffee/Baked Goods

These volunteers run our concessions booth, making coffee and selling seasonally appropriate beverages and baked goods for shoppers to enjoy as they shop. Proceeds benefit our artisan partners.

4. Providing Baked Goods/Beverages

These volunteers are not needed on the day of the market, but are needed to help provide homemade baked goods to sell at the event, as well as donating seasonally appropriate beverages (usually lemonade or apple cider) for selling at the concessions booth. Baked goods must be made with fair-trade ingredients (we can make that easy for you) and individually wrapped, in order to meet health codes.

Once you have signed up for this role, we will contact you regarding quantity and any other instructions.

*These volunteers do not need to attend the volunteer meeting.

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