What is #SheforShe?


#SheforShe events are gatherings where women and girls can put their purchasing power toward the support of women and girls around the world. An organization wanting to host a #SheforShe chooses a 2-hour time on an evening (or Saturday mornings work too!) and Market of Hope will come set up 3-6 tables of handmade products for attendees to shop.

Every item at #SheforShe is made by a woman-in-need.  We assure this by limiting the products we bring to those made by all-women artisan groups. The selection is satisfyingly diverse, and many products are hand-signed by the woman who made it. These products include jewelry, bags and wallets, bath and body care products, scarves and other accessories, and some absolutely delicious granola. #SheforShe events are great for women’s ministries and are sometimes partnered with a bake sale, with funds given to a charity of your choice!

Host a #SheforShe

Let us know your church or organization might be interested in hosting a #SheforShe or another event.

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