Artisanship with Dignity

Our partners work with artisans around the world in the creation of handmade goods designed especially for American markets.

Purchasing Their Empowerment

Market of Hope regularly purchases handpicked items from our partners, creating dignified income streams for their artisans.

The Power of Shopping

We host Market Days and visit other events to give Americans the opportunity to put their purchasing power to work for hope around the world.

A Cycle of Giving

The funds collected at our events go toward missions support, continuous restocking through our partners, and the expansion of Market of Hope’s capacity.



We believe in maintaining the dignity of humanity around the world by embracing culture and exploring capabilities.


We stand to help provide citizens of the globe the opportunity and access they need to create for themselves the wealth needed to provide for the basic needs of themselves and their families.


We stand for the empowerment of individuals to rise to the occasion of lifting themselves out of poverty.